Antique Expedition in Bhutan

About Us


btechnophiles_antique_aboutus_gnh   KUZU ZANGPOLA !   Welcome and Thank you for visiting Antique Expedition in Bhutan and for taking us as your partner in travel to discover the Hidden kingdom of Bhutan, “A dream destination of travelers” who wants to experience a country with rich culture, tradition and pristine environment.

QUALITY service is our first priority and you can be confident that with Antique Expedition in Bhutan you receive the highest quality service in the industry. We ensure quality by keeping our groups small so that we can provide individual attention to each one of our clients, Hence the ideal number is 8-10 people per group.

 Aim and services:

Our aim is to create a perfect planned framework which will allow you to make the most of your precious time in Bhutan and to discover as much as you want while keeping to your own chosen pace. We strive to offer good value for money and travel arrangements that are worth to our clients far more than they cost.

Our service includes advising our clients about travel in Bhutan, developing personalized travel itineraries, booking suitable accommodation, booking public transport, Pre-booking guided visits and making almost any other arrangements in Bhutan required by our clients.

Our service is backed by our in-depth knowledge of Bhutan and once your trip is confirmed you can look forward to receiving detailed, personalized documentation including local maps, tourist guides and tourist information for all the areas you are visiting.

We do provide a wide range selection of highest standard trekking equipment which includes tents ,mattresses, lanterns, walkies – talkies, medical kits and altitude sickness bags.We excel at organizing quality transportation. All our vehicles are under ten years old and are approved by the department of tourism. Japanese vehicles have come to be regarded as the most appropriate for Bhutanese conditions. Our vehicles range from Toyota coaster buses to Toyota land cruisers or Nissan cars. Toyota hiluxes are used for off-road pursuits. All our vehicles are given a general mechanical checkup between each tour.

 Our local TOUR GUIDES are all exceptional  people registered  with Tourism council of Bhutan.